COMPARISION - How do you evaluate a situation in which two team members achieve a different, sometimes extreme intensity of the traits tested?

September 1, 2019 expert advice 0 minutes, 46 seconds

A diverse team, or one that is comprised of individuals with a differing, sometime extreme intensity of the traits tested, as opposed to a team whose members indicate a similar intensity in that regard, can be more creative but also more demanding in day-to-day work, for the manager as well as for all the team members. In a diverse team, it is easier to get different perspectives but also different opinions and conflicts.

A diverse team requires from the manager a more individualized approach to each member. Every one of them is unique so it is not be possible to use the same motivational method with all of them, since it will be right for some and completely inadequate for others.

It can be assumed that diverse teams can have an advantage in jobs and projects requiring creativity, while homogenous teams will have an edge in fulfilling routine tasks according to a fixed plan.