How does the “compare users” functionality may be useful?

September 5, 2019 in questions and answers 1 minute, 12 seconds

Comparing users functionality provides us with additional, over the ranking list, information about the candidate. The functionality enables us to compare simultaneously 5 people on nine dimensions of predispositions. We can, for instance, compare 5 candidates whose fit scores are the highest. This way we can check which of them matches the culture of organization best.

This option is most useful when the top candidates fit levels do not differ significantly (several percent points differences) from each other. For example you may find that the candidate whose fit score is slighlty lower than the highest (but still significantly high) prefers cooperation, but the candidate who achieved the highest score is more competitive. If this person is to joinan existing teamand willtoned to cooperate closely with others, the more cooperative candidate may be a better choice. You can also compare how your team members fit with one another in terms of predispositions.

The higher the predisposition coherence, the more well-knit and easier to manage the team will be. On the other hand: the more diversified the team is (in terms of predispositions) the more individualized style of management is required but the general potential of the team is higher.

For example, if we only have conscientious (prudent) people in a team, they understand one another very well, but they may lack flair or dynamics. A team that consists of people who are both conscientious and determined have broader view of the situation.