MODEL - Is it worthwhile to create a few models for a given position?

September 1, 2019 expert advice 0 minutes, 42 seconds

Depending on the availability and number of (anti-)model individuals, you can create multiple models using each of the four available methods of profile analysis. However, it is not recommended.

Usually, a single profile, based on a model analysis method best suited to a given context, will be enough. Sometimes, however – for example if we notice that we are dealing with two model individuals with very varied personalities, which makes it impossible to create one coherent model – it is possible to generate two profiles, each based on a different model individual (the so-called “Create an individual-based model” option).

With more than one profile for a given position, a candidate’s compatibility to each model should be checked. For a candidate to be considered promising, they need to show a high level of compatibility (70% or over) in one of the models.